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Through Their Prayers
Appreciating the High Holidays
Through Their Prayers

by Rabbi Daniel J. Raccah

     Reviews some central High Holiday prayers and piyutim (liturgical poems) and their associated theological concepts. Explores God's memory, God's kingship, and meriting the blessing of a good year.

4-Part Taped Lecture Series

     Tape 1 (BN01): The Unique Opportunity of Elul: Forty Days to a New You
     Tape 2 (BN02): Understanding HaShem's "Memory"
           - A Tool to Meriting the Blessing of a Good Year
     Tape 3 (BN03): The Kingship of HaShem: The Focus of Rosh HaShanah
     Tape 4 (BN04): Rosh HaShanah and Yom HaKippurim - Make Them Real!

Produced by Bayit Ne'eman -- A Sephardic Learning Experience for Women (Chicago, IL)

Contact: The Ner Foundation
(For tapes only, no book cover)
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