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"I Give Thanks Before You"
Modeh Ani - "I Give Thanks Before You"

     At an international neurological conference, a neurologist was presenting the results of many years of study into the phenomenon of people fainting upon arising. Her study concluded that the cause was the sharp transition from lying down to standing, resulting in a disruption in the flow of blood to the brain. She concluded that it is advisable for a person to sit at the bedside for a 12-second period, the time it takes for blood to flow from the feet to the brain, before standing up. Her speech was met with applause and enthusiastic feedback.

     Another professor, a religious Jew, asked permission to speak. He said that there is an old tradition among us Jews to say a prayer of thanks to the Creator of the World for granting us a new day of health and activity. The prayer is said immediately upon waking up, while still sitting on the bedside. There are exactly 12 words in this prayer, and if a person says it slowly and with concentration it takes exactly 12 seconds to say it: 12 words in 12 seconds. He recited it slowly in Hebrew:

Hebrew transliteration:
Mo-deh a-ni le-fa-ne-cha, Mel-ech chai ve-ka-yam,
she-he-che-zar-ta bi nish-ma-ti be-chem-la, ra-ba e-mu-na-te-cha.
(Note: A female would say "Mo-DAH" instead of "Mo-deh" for the first word.)

I give thanks before You, living and everlasting King, that you have restored
my soul to me with great compassion; great is Your trustworthiness.

     The auditorium burst into applause for a second time. This time it was for the Creator of the World!

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