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(Hand In Water-English)
Finger Is Hurt - (Art with Hand in Water & in English)

     This quote comes from the Talmud, in the tractate Chullin 7b, which explains the laws of everyday activities. This piece, being very personal to the artist, comes out of her own experience of having smashed a finger and needing to go through several hand surgeries. Her rabbi suggested she read a certain book where this phrase jumped out at her and served to strengthen her emuna (faith).

     This quote from the ancient sages speaks directly to us, teaching that everything in life happens to us for a specific reason. There are no coincedences. Though we may not always immediately understand why, we have faith that it happens for a reason that will be for our ultimate good. And, is a reminder that God cares about each and every little thing that happens to us. It is an expression of a very personal relationship with God, and His close involvement in our everyday lives.

"Not one finger is hurt down below without it being decreed from above."
     - Chullin 7b

(The artist has made another version of this quote. Please see the art piece called "Finger Is Hurt - Baby Fingers" which has different art work and is offered in Hebrew.)
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