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Blessing to say AFTER eating snacks.
- 5x7 Table Top Blessing Card
Al Hamichiya (Beracha Me'ayn Shalosh)
- Blessing to say AFTER eating snacks - 5x7 Table Top Blessing Card

     In the book of Deuteronomy God promised the Land of Israel to the Jewish people, describing it as a land flowing with milk and honey, abundant in seven special foods: wheat, barley, figs, grapes, pomegranates, dates, and olives. Whenever we snack on these foods but do not have any bread with them, there is a special blessing said when we are finished eating. It is three to four sentences long, and the person reciting them selects specific phrases to suit the specific food eaten. Snacks of foods other than the seven special foods require a short one-sentence blessing upon completion. This structure of thanking God before and after eating reminds us that even when we are satisfied and no longer in immediate need, we are dependent on His grace.

Saying 'Amen':
     The Hebrew word 'Amen' is derived from the same root as the word 'emunah', or faith. We answer 'Amen' to a blessing to audibly confirm our faith in God, our ultimate Provider. A person who answers 'Amen' to another's blessing is considered as if s/he had said the blessing.

     Even though some may have this blessing memorized, it is best to have the text in front of you when saying it. The English translation of the prayer may be found in the blessings section of most Jewish prayer books.

     This 5x7 Blessing Art (Card Only) is available in the Ashkenazi version and can be slipped into a hard acrylic frame that stands on your kitchen table or into a refrigerator magnet frame for easy, quick access.

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