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Blessing to say AFTER eating snacks.
- For the Wall
Blessing "Al Hamichiya" - to be said AFTER eating certain foods other than bread.

     Any time we eat anything made from the seven special foods listed in the promise of the Land of Israel - wheat, barley, figs, grapes, pomegranates, dates, and olives - we recite a two-sentence blessing (three on Shabbat or holidays) for these unique foods. Thus, there is always a blessing before and after eating anything. Snacks of foods other than the seven special foods have a short one-sentence blessing at the end, commonly called -- "Borei Nefashot." This structure of thanking God before and after eating reminds us that even when we are satisfied and no longer in immediate need, we are dependent on His grace.

     This wall version of "Beracha Me'ayn Shalosh" -- more commonly called "Al Hamichiya" -- is the blessing we say AFTER we have eaten any foods that are not included in the blessing over bread -- "Hamotzi". This is the Ashkenazic version and comes in 3 different sizes ready to frame. Hang it on the wall in a practical place so one can easily look up and recite this blessing using the text.

     Even though we say these blessings often enough to have them memorized, it is always better to have the text right in front of you. Having it on the wall makes it easier to say and stands as a good reminder too.

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