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Custom Perek Shira

     You can have your own pet's photo made into a unique art piece using the song that your pet sings from Perek Shira. All of God's creation has it's own individual song that it sings in praise of it's Creator. The most common pets would be the dog, cat, bird, parrot, rabbit, fish, horse. All animals have a song, even if not listed here. If you have a different sort of pet like a snake or monkey, don't worry, we have the song that it sings and can make you a beautiful art piece. Even a photograph of a former pet that you want to remember forever, can be used, as long as the photo is of good quality.

Points to consider:

     The design of the actual words may not be in the exact place as another art piece that you may see. The designer may, for example with the dog - the most common pet, place the english words and the hebrew words in a different place other than the top and the bottom as you see the Perek Shira of the dog. All depends on the photo(s). You may opt to have only English.

Custom Words:
     You can have special words added to personalize the piece, such as: the name of pet, dates that it lived, a special task that it served. For example, in the case of a pet that passed away... "In memory of Sammie, our beloved German Shepherd, 1990-2003, who was Daddy's Guide Dog and served as his "eyes" - keeping him safe for many years."

Photo Scan:
     You may need to send in several different photos of your pet. Find the best, most focused photos of your pet, with or without people in it. Choose which size your final art piece will be and the artist will give you scanning instructions. The artist is also a photo retoucher and can usually remove obstacles and people from the photo. If you do not have access to a photo scanner, we can make arrangements for you to send the actual photos in. More than one photo can be used if you are looking for a montage style.

     The artist will communicate with you by phone and email, and will send your custom work by email for proof reading and your final approval before printing.

     Pets are special. Do you have pictures of your children and family all over your house? Well, most of us with animals around know how important they are in our lives. Your pet deserves some wall space, after all, they are part of the family too!

See also: .....and have your pet's photo and name together with possible meaning and blessing lines added to your family's name art. It's fun!

(Perek Shira is the song that is sung every day by God's creations, each creation having its own song. Please see this category's section page for more explanation.)
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Devorah Designs Judaica Art inspires, heals, and imparts the wisdom of the ages. These creations make the perfect budget-friendly gift for Hanukah or any holiday, a birthday, a bar or bat mitzvah, an anniversary, wedding, or a new baby. Devorah combines her photography - usually from Israel - with meaningful blessings (brachot), prayers (tefillot), and quotes from the Bible (Torah/Tanach), Psalms (Tehillim), Perek Shira (the Songs or Praises of the Animals), and other Jewish sources. Devorah Designs artwork can have healing and therapeutic effects or help you create a happy space in your home. Devorah's unique Name Art brings layers of meaning to Jewish names, Christian names, and pet names, promoting self-understanding and healthy family dynamics.

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