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The Dove - From Perek Shira

     When Noah released the dove from the Ark, it returned with an olive branch in its beak. It preferred eating the bitter olive leaves to dependence on man. The dove is the embodiment of reliance upon God rather than fallible sources of sustenance. The gentle and constant cooing of the dove symbolizes a gentle and constant faith in God, reminding us of His mercy on all living things.

The Dove is saying:
     "Like a swift or crane, so do I chatter; I coo like a dove; my eyes fail with looking upward; O God, I am oppressed, be my security."
     - Isaiah 38:14

The Dove says before The Holy One, Blessed be He:
     "Master of the World! May my sustenance be as bitter as an olive in Your Hand, rather than it being sweet as honey through flesh and blood."
     - Talmud, Eruvin 18b, Sanhedrin 108b

Perek Shira is the song that is sung every day by God's creations, each creation having its own song. Please see this category's section page for more of an explanation.
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