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The Camel - From Perek Shira

     The Hebrew word for camel is "gamal" which in its verb form means to bestow with loving kindness. In ancient days camels were considered symbols of wealth, and called "ships of the desert." Camels possess amazing characteristics that help them survive in the desert. They can close their nostrils to prevent sand from entering their lungs, their thick undercoat insulates against both the heat of the sun by day and the freezing cold wind by night, and their broad padded feet keep them from sinking in the desert sand. Their humps are made of special tissue that stores fat and water, enabling them to subsist for weeks on little more than desert bramble. All of these marvelous characteristics can be compared to the requirements Jews have needed to survive in the spiritual desert following the destruction of the Temple and the Exile from the Land of Israel. This photo was taken in the Judean Desert, near Jerusalem, Israel

The Camel is saying:
     "God shall roar from upon high and cause His voice to sound forth from His holy place. His shout echoes profoundly over His dwelling place."
      - Jeremiah 25:30

Perek Shira is the song that is sung every day by God's creations, each creation having its own song. Please see this category's section page for more of an explanation.
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